Porsche Cup 911 GT3 Sim Wheel - Replica for Sim Racing

This beautiful custom sim wheel panel is designed and compatible with OMP SuperTurismo (Actual Porsche Steering set) or SuperQuadro steering rim.

The custom wheel plate comes with a nice CNC cut High Glossy Real Carbon Fiber top plate of 2mm thickness, Aluminum rear enclosure with Black Matte 2K Automotive Spray Paint, 8 high quality pushbuttons with some enticing billet washers, Leobodnar controller board, Top Notch Asher Racing Magnetic Paddle Shifter, Quick Release kit of buyer choice (Self Supply), Aviation 4 Pin Connector with Motorsports quality coiled cable and lastly high quality industrial decals.

This elegant sim wheel overall built are very rigid and designed mainly for Direct Drive System eg. SimSteering V1/V2, Accuforce and OSW. Moreover its also compatible with ThrustMaster T500/T300, Logitech G27/29 and even Fanatec CSW (Universal Hub is required)

Note: Default manufacturer 2 x pushbuttons on OMP Superturismo is functional

911 GT3 Cup

  • Things included:- - Custom Carbon Fiber Top Plate (2mm Thickness) - Customs Rear Enclosure T6 Aluminum Grade with Matte Black automotive spray paint for long lasting - Asher Racing Magnetic Paddle shifter - 8 NKK MB2011 Push buttons - 2 OMP default Red Buttons (Functional) - 2 CTS 288 Rotary encoders - High Quality Coiled Cable (2 Meter) - Motorsports grade round connector with cable gland - Quick Release not included. - 6 bolt 70mm PCD patterns sim wheel - Decals Steering Rim Compatibility:- - OMP SuperTurismo - OMP SuperQuadro Steering System Compatibility:- - ThrustMaster T500 / T300 - ACCUFORCE System - OSW - ECCI 7000 - SIM Steering V1/V2 - Fanatec CSW V2 (Universal HUB Required)



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