Simucube Wireless GT Wheel Pro 32* Simucube Wireless Steering wheel – Limited edition * 32cm Suede Flat steering wheel* 8x Premium motosport push buttons:  Otto P9* 2x Rotary encoder with Push button  (total 10 push buttons)* Aluminium Encoder Knobs and Button Guards* Full metal construction: no plastic or 3D printed parts used* Premium wireless antenna Siretta TANGO* Magnetic shifters with GT paddles* CNC machined from automotive aluminium* Directly compatible with Simucube 2: Sport, Pro, Ultimate* Simucube 1 compatible – with additional wireless receiver module * Low latency, 3 years of battery life, back side access window* Button inputs via Simucube – no additional Windows controllerGeneral Information:* 320 mm wheel diameter, 6x70 mm bolt pattern* Simucube wireless Button Box  300g

Wireless GT Touring Wheel Pro 32

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