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Batch #1 for ASIA/NZ/AU estimated time arrival by Mid May 2020

Availability open slots: 10 sets of each model




Both 2 and 3 pedal configurations are now available.


Description of the models

Racewerk.com`s S1  is the worlds most advanced hydraulic pedal system, developed with sim racing special requirements in mind.


RACEWERK S1 comes in two models to serve the high-end spectrum of hydraulic pedal scene. Specific models have been built to serve demanding eMotorsports drivers as well as experienced Pro Motorsports drivers. Hard-core drivers and professionals, who crave for experience outside of this world, are best matched with S1 Pro Pedal which leaves no room for speculation.


All two models are built with industrial grade CNC machined + Tilton parts & modular design for easy mounting and rebuildable.  Simple construction for easy maintenance with full adjustability  in all models.

Racewerk S1 Standard back view_edited.jp

S1 Competition & Pro Standard Features:

  • Custom built CNC machined hydraulic master and slave cylinders

  • Full hydraulic brake and clutch

  • Clutch bite point simulation via Bellewille spring stack

  • Modular design for easy mounting

  • Rebuildable and upgradable, in multiple stages

  • Simple construction for easy maintenance

  • Adjustable pedal angles

  • Adjustable pedal ratio for ultimate fine tuning of the pedal feel

  • Adjustable pedal poisitions

  • Full aluminium CNC machined and anodized construction

  • High performance spherical bearing mounted master cylinders with extra thick 13 mm shafts and 0.9" bore precision machined pistons

  • Spare parts are inexpensive and widely available

  • Industrial pressure and travel sensors for long service life and maximum precision

  • Made to look cool on your rig

  • 100% Compatible with Simucube 2 and connects to SC2 accessories port with True Drive calibration software, profiles, deadzone adjustment at 16bits 1000hz with ultra low latency.

  • Optional USB interface

  • Optional interface for Simucube 1 motors

  • Spefications and features may change during production, the pictures and renderings are for demonstration only final product will be different in a few details.

S1 Pro Special Features :

  • The Tilton Engineering 78-Series cylinder

  •  offer the latest in racing master cylinder technology in a very lightweight and compact design. The rear spherical bearing mount and one-piece piston/pushrod eliminate side thrust into the master cylinder bore, providing consistent and repeatable braking.

  • Full selection of brake and clutch spring elements for ultimate adjustment possibilities

Racewerk springs and cylinders_edited.jp
  • Both narrow and extra large pedal faces are included 

  • Billet aluminum body with proprietary low‐friction coatings minimize wear and provides smooth operation

  • O‐ring seal at the main rod guide and body interface

  • Hand‐built and blueprinted for cut‐off port travel

  • External dust boot included

  • 1600psi automotive pressure sensor and industrial travel sensors - max 150kg


 *All Prices in USD