How to register & Info?

1. Register below

2. Each player entitled for 3 attempts of 10 mins each block.

3. Subsequent attempt after 30 mins are chargeable at $10 per block.

4. All timings will be updated daily at our Facebook page "SIMFAI Solutions"

5. Upon check in at SIMFAI Race Studio, you are require to click "Like" on SIMFAI facebook page to follow up on daily updates.

6. This Open Time-Attack session will be end on 8th May 2019

Important Note: 

This is a fun race to let public have a chance to hands on Simucube 2 Sport Direct Drive. There is no rule been sets, just keep driving till you attained the best lap times. Only Top Winner will be awarded with trophy and Simucube 2 Discount 10% Discount Code + SIMFAI Credits. Other Top 20 players will be rewarded with SIMFAI Credits only.

Organizer decision is final. 

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 The Any further questions, email us @