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 SIMFAI eMotorsports Center

Simulations Technology to Succeed - Dedicated Trainers - Ultimate Realism


At SIMFAI, we use technology and data to coach emotorsports lessons that help students to drive consistently better in track day and race condition.


Simulation Technology that analyze your driving skills, shifting technics, telemetry data, live demonstration by experienced instructors and many more.

Everything You Need to Learn


اختر خطتك السعرية

  • Bronze Membership

    Perfect For Beginner
    سارٍ حتى 6 أشهر
    • Buy 4 Get 1 Hr Free
    • $340 SGD
  • Silver Membership

    Perfect For Pro Amateur
    سارٍ حتى 6 أشهر
    • Buy 10 Get 5 Hrs Free
    • $850 SGD
  • Gold Membership

    Perfect For Professional
    صالحة حتى سنة واحد
    • Buy 25 Get 15 Hrs Free
    • $2125 SGD
  • Diamond Membership

    Perfect for Motorsports Team
    صالحة حتى سنة واحد
    • Buy 50 Get 35 Hrs Free
    • $4250 SGD
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